Time is Money: Unlimited Vacation Policies

More and more organizations are offering creative options to a total compensation package, especially when budgets for salaries are locked in. Has your organization thought of offering unlimited vacation days? As long as there are processes in place to ensure continuity while employees are out, this could work and actually decrease turnover.

Time is Money


25 Oddball Interview Questions

Every client utilizes different interviewing techniques including throwing a few curveball questions. While there are rarely correct answers to these questions, they can provide insight into a candidate’s thought process and analytical ability. Has your company asked oddball questions during the interview process?

25 Oddball Interview Questions


The Huffington Post: Why Employees Choose to Leave

Have you ever done a root cause analysis to understand why good talent has left your organization? Many times employees leave because of the leadership. Having a strong leadership team who values their team, works to develop their employees, and creates a strong culture will help retain talent.

People Don’t Leave Companies–They Leave Leaders!!!


Forbes Article: The 25 Companies That Give The Most Difficult Job Interviews

More companies are utilizing different techniques to hone in on a candidate’s skill set resulting in a more challenging interview process.  Forbes recently published a list of companies with the toughest interviews.  What was the most challenging interview you experienced?

25 Toughest Interviews




Forbes Article: 5 Tips for Hiring — And Retaining — Top Talent

Whether you’re building a new business or adding talent to a more
mature organization, hiring and retaining top talent should always be a
priority.  Take a look at a recent list of five tips for top talent
strategies, posted by Forbes:

5 Tips For Hiring — And Retaining — Top Talent

Mar : My 12 High-impact Interview Questions for Top Candidates

You know the standard set of interview questions that most candidates
already have rehearsed “Give me an example when youŠ.”.  Do the responses
really provide good insight into a candidate’s capabilities and help find
the best talent? recently published a list of 12 interview
questions that could help employers hone in on the best talent out of the
candidate pool.

My 12 High-impact Interview Questions for Top Candidates